Friday, July 8, 2011

i've been neglectful

There hasn't been too much to say about the garden in recent weeks.  I've pulled out the lettuces and peas as they were done for the season.  Now I am waiting for the zukes, tomatoes, green beans, kale, and the second planting of broccoli to be ready.  I have a serious aphid problem with my tomatoes.  I purchase 1500 ladybugs and set them free to attack the lil buggers, but they flew away.  I must now find a recipe for an organic spray.  Some suggest crushing tomato leaves and others say a garlic and dish soap spray works.  The only problem with even "safe and organic" sprays is that they will kill good bugs with the bad.

Monday, June 20, 2011

This past week's bounty

I harvested a few things and received some lovely swiss chard from someone at the garden as they were going out of town and couldn't eat it all.

broccoli, tango lettuce, swiss chard, sugar snap peas and romaine lettuce!
The tango lettuce is done for the season as it bolted in just a matter of days.  I pulled the lettuce and hopefully will be able to plant my brussel sprount seedlings.  First I must solve my pill bug problem.

Update from last week

I failed to post these pictures from last monday (6/13/11).  Things seem to be doing well, but the roly pollies are munching a lot of the smaller plants.  I've heard the putting beer in an empty tuna can and burying it up the the top of the can will attract and then drown the pill bugs.  I will have to try this! 

one of 3 sugar snap pea pods

romaine lettuce

red russian kale


more red russian kale, some alysum and marigolds

marigold and beans


everything is filling in.  the items under the plastic cover are brussel sprouts and some for broccoli for a summer harvest

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cilantro Fail

If I knew then what I know now I probably wouldn't have planted cilantro, or I would have done it right.  Apparently cilantro bolts in the blink of an eye.  It also hates the heat.  So now it has bolted and I don't get to use cilantro in my tacos and guac.

I've learned that the way to have a constant supply of cilantro is to plant seeds (as they do not like to be transferred so much as seedlings) every 4 to 6 weeks.  Now I know.

The upside is that I can attempt to harvest corriander which is the fruit/seed the comes from cilantro.  Now I have to find a good Indian recipe should the corriander come through for me.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hot Hot Heat

This past week it has been hot here, like 90-95 degs!  My plants are going gangbusters, except for the beets which didn't transplant at all.  Reminder for next year, just plant seeds in ground and do not transfer.  I think the mulch has really helped the soil retain moisture as I watered on Sunday and Tuesday but not Monday.   We have also been harvesting the tango lettuce.  It has a tangy flavor and ruffly edges.  It's nice to have a really fresh salad every day.  I've been picking the biggest leaves every couple of days.  The romaine lettuce is growing nicely as well.  I bought the starts at a store and am waiting till the heads are just the right size and praying they don't bolt with the heat.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sharing is caring

I went to the garden Elsa free last night so I was able to do some real work.  There were a few weeds, I think...that needed weeding.  Also, I was able to meet my plot neighbors.  A nice family of four with two girls that are just a little older and younger than Elsa who is 2.  There were a few other folks at the garden and there was some plant swaping going on.  I needed to thin out my Swiss Chard and Red Russian Kale.  My neighbor needed to thin out her Detroit Red Beets.  A swap was made and now I'll have 5 beets to experiment with.  Next year I will try to be more adventurous with my plant choices and hope to include bok choi, radishes, and maybe the stubby carrots.  It was great!  I was also able to unload some nastursium seeds in a communal plot that is growning might be a good combo.  Should have taken pictures but didn't as the sun was going down and my cell phone already struggles to take good pics.  Must find the cord for my good camera so I can take good pictures.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer is here!

It seems that summer has decided to arrive.   The weather has been in the 80 to 90 range but the rains continue.  It's great to not have to water my plot every day, but I worry that too much rain will cause mildew or rot or something like that.  The zukes have been nibbled quite a bit, I'm not sure if they'll survive.  The tomatoes are doing lovely considering the rain and cold.  Maybe the sea kelp has helped.  My kale has emereged and I'll have to thin it out soon.   My daisy will have pink flowers!  sorry for the sideways pics!
pink daisy

baby kale

zinnias with whitened leaves.  still need to figure this problem out.

beans that were eaten but they seem to be on the rebound



my zukes are being eaten up be something.  have yet to see the perps.

gnawed on zukes